Benefits of Ginger for Health


Ginger is a herbal plant that is often used to overcome various conditions, ranging from nausea, cough, joint pain, to pain due to cancer therapy. But if it is medically reviewed, there are at least five benefits of ginger good for the body.

Ginger has a chemical compound that can reliably react positively in the stomach and intestines to reduce nausea and pain. The compound is also thought to work both in the brain and nervous system to dampen nausea. Besides, there are many other ginger benefits that we can get.

Here are some benefits of ginger for health:
  1. Relieve dizziness
    Dizziness can make you lose vision balance and may be accompanied by nausea. Symptoms of dizziness followed by nausea are suspected to be can appeased by eating ginger.

  2. Reduce menstrual pain.
    Some research suggests that consuming ginger can help reduce symptoms of menstrual pain. The efficacy of ginger seems to be likened to the drug ibuprofen and mefenamat acid. For women who often feel pain during menstruation, can try to consume ginger extract approximately 500-2000 mg, for three days at the beginning of menstruation.

  3. Prevent morning sickness.
    Nausea and vomiting conditions caused by morning sickness are often experienced by women in the early period of pregnancy. Fortunately, nausea can be minimized by consuming ginger. But remember, pregnant women should not take any medication, including herbs and traditional medicines. Therefore, consult your doctor first before consuming ginger.

  4. Osteoarthritis.
    Osteoarthritis is a condition of joint pain or joint stiffness caused by injury, obesity, and joint aging. According to some studies, pain due to this condition can be solved by consuming ginger extract. Not only through the mouth, massage using therapeutic oils containing ginger and citrus can also reduce joint stiffness and pain due to osteoarthritis.

  5. Reduce nausea and vomiting after surgery.
    Eating ginger one hour before surgery is suspected to reduce nausea and vomiting for 24 hours after surgery. In addition to being consumed through the mouth, applying ginger oil is also suspected to prevent nausea.
Have you ever heard a claim stating that ginger can prevent land and sea motion sickness? According to the experience of some people, consuming ginger before traveling can make them feel better. But unfortunately the effectiveness of ginger in overcoming the land and sea motion sickness has not been substantiated medically. It still takes further research to ensure its usefulness. Similarly, the claim of benefits of ginger is related to weight loss.

Please note, there are some people who must be careful or should not consume ginger. They are pregnant and nursing mothers, diabetics, people with heart disease, and those with blood clotting disorders. Although ginger is allegedly safe to be consumed by most people, but still there are mild side effects that can be inflicted, such as diarrhea, discomfort in the stomach, and heartburn. If applied to the skin, ginger may cause irritation.

In terms of medical, ginger benefits do not exist that really proved effective. It is a good idea to consult a physician before consuming any substance intended for treatment, or as a companion of treatment.