Beware; Avoid These 4 Foods before Exercise

When going through sports, many people are trying to consume certain foods and drinks to increase their energy. Unfortunately, not all kinds of foods and drinks can have a good impact to your body.

As a form of anticipation, MD and Mayo Clinic Web sites also share some food and drink that should be avoided before exercise.

  1. Protein Bars
    For those of you who love to exercise, certainly already familiar with protein bars. Many even consume it before exercise to accelerate muscle formation. Unfortunately, this is not something right. Because, the content of glucose in protein bars can be easily burned during exercise. Instead of muscular, you just throw money and don't get any benefit.

  2. Broccoli and cauliflower
    A type of vegetable with high fiber such as broccoli and cauliflower should be avoided consumption before exercise. Because, they are very difficult to digest and make your sport become uncomfortable aka disturbed. If you still want to consume vegetables, choose an easy to digest like asparagus or potato.

  3. Meat
    After a big meal like meats, a lot of people are rushing for sports. They want to immediately roll away the evil fats from the meat consumed by them. Unfortunately, that is the wrong thing because the meat consumed before the sport, is precisely believed to make the digestive system difficult to change the fat into energy. This means, the fat that accumulates will remain nested so as to make your body weight more up and not down.

  4. Energizing Drinks
    Not a few people consume energy drinks before the sport. The goal is to keep them strong in physical activity. Nevertheless, the content in energy drinks turns out to be able to raise heart rate and blood pressure. Ideally, it would be better to consume after exercising where generally the heart rate and blood pressure are in a low position.