Prevent Anemia, Corn Is Delicious Processed into Salad up to Cream Soup

Corn contains many nutrients, one of which is iron. This vegetable can prevent anemia and also tastes good. Corn is one type of cereal that is commonly consumed by many people to diet. It tastes sweet and can be processed so good food.

Corn can be served with any menu because corn is liked by vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Corn is also rich in essential nutrients and can add sweetness to your diet.

Corn seeds have fewer calories and lower fat levels than other cereal grains.

As per USDA data, 100 grams of corn seeds contain 64 calories of energy, which means only about 0.5 grams of fat. For those of you who are dieting, you can add corn to your diet menu. You can also get about 2 grams of protein.

Another benefit is that corn contains vitamin B12, folic acid and iron. They can contribute to the production of red blood cells that can reduce the risk of anemia.

In addition, corn is also known to be very good for diet programs. You will add healthy calories compared to the nasty fats of junk food.

Corn is also good for the skin because it contains Vitamin C and lycopene that can increase collagen production. Collagen is known to prevent skin from free radical damage.

In addition, sweet corn and corn oil can also increase blood flow, and lower the absorption of cholesterol.

As has been reported from the NDTV Food page (7/6), here are some interesting ways to add corn to your menu.
  1. Corn Salad
    In making salads, you can also add corn in it. Corn will not only add a different flavor to the salad but it can also add to the health benefits.
    You can slice onions, chili peppers, tomatoes and add with a bit of lime juice to the salad then add it together with boiled corn seeds or sweet corn.
  2. Corn Porridge
    Sources of carbohydrates other than rice can be given sweet corn. Besides tastes more delicious, the nutritional content is also complete. Moreover, plus pieces of chicken meat are rich in proteins and vegetables too. It tastes soft and easy to eat.
  3. Corn Cream Soup
    Warm and savory, the flavor of this condensed soup is suitable for cold air. Crispy fresh grains of corn, milk and savory cheese make this soup very delicious. Especially enjoyed it warm with bread.
  4. Sweet Corn Potato Soup
    For those of you who are on a diet certainly avoid rice. Instead, you can make potato soup as a source of carbohydrates. Not to be forgotten is equipped with sweet corn, chopped chicken, and chicken broth.