From Protecting Joints to Preventing Diabetes, These are 5 Great Benefits of Beef Bone Marrow

The beef bone marrow is usually boiled to make the broth or served in a warm soup. However, nowadays there are also many variations of bone marrow cuisine such as a burnt bone marrow and roasted. It turns out that besides delicious and appetizing; beef bone marrow has many health benefits. What are the benefits of cow bone marrow that you can get? Here is the full explanation.

Nutrient content of beef bone marrow
The largest content in the marrow in the beef bones is fat. Even, about 96 percent of the main content of marrow is fat. However, it does not mean that these fats are not healthy for your health. A study in the journal Cell Metabolism in 2014 precisely proves that the fatty tissues in the marrow can be a special hormone source named adiponectin in the body.

The bones themselves are rich in a wide range of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. In addition, the bone marrow also offers collagen as well as glucosamine, which is a natural chemical substance in your joints.

Benefits of beef bone marrow for health
To find out more about what the benefits of eating beef bone marrow for the body, check out its summary below.

  1. Protecting the JointsThe bone marrow is contains high in collagen and glucosamine. Both of these substances are responsible for correcting damage to the joints at a time keeping them so strong and supple.
    Both collagen and glucosamine are also equally useful for maintaining the health of your bones. Therefore, consuming bone marrow can help prevent diseases such as osteoarthritis, which many elderly people experience.
  2. Smoothing DigestionBone marrow broth contains gelatin, a special protein that has many important benefits for your digestive system. Among them are repairing damage to the gastrointestinal tract, increasing the level of good bacteria in the intestines, and easing various kinds of inflammation in your digestive system.
  3. Reducing the risk of diabetesA study by experts in the United States reveals that the adiponectine content is useful to prevent diabetes. Diabetes can occur when the hormone insulin in the body does not work well to cultivate sugar.
    Well, this research proves that high adiponectine levels mean your insulin hormones will work more effectively so that the sugar levels in your body will not surge too high. High blood sugar levels can lead to diabetic disease.
    However, pay attention to the portion of your meal because diabetes can also be triggered by excessive fat consumption. The reason is, the bone marrow is high in fat content.
  4. Boosting immune systemA Swedish cancer specialist, Dr. Astrid Brohult, conducted a trial by giving the bone marrow of a cow to the children with leukemia. These little patients have undergone radiation therapy many times so that the supply of white blood cells in their body decreases.
    Apparently after consuming the beef bone marrow, the patients showed an increase in white blood cells. After further investigation, this is because the bone marrow contains compounds called alkilglycerol or AKG. This unique compound apparently serves to maintain the balance of white blood cells in the body.
    Well, white blood cells themselves are very important to maintain endurance and fight against various types of diseases. This is why people who are sick are encouraged to eat broth soup, especially from bone marrow.
  5. Keeping skin YouthfulYou need collagen to keep your skin soft, bright, and supple. Especially if you have begun to experience an aging process characterized by the emergence of fine lines in the face, wrinkled skin, or dry skin. Well, the content of gelatin in the beef bone marrow can trigger collagen production in the body. Therefore, consuming bone marrow can help your skin to look youthful.