The Extraordinary Benefits of Peppers

Peppers are one of the most popular cooking ingredients. This tomato-like fruit is usually added in salad dishes, chicken stir-fry, pizza, and seafood processed. But did you know that behind the sweet flavor of peppers, contains a variety of nutrients that are very beneficial for the health of the body?

Peppers Rich in Nutrition
Plants that are still of one type with these chili, peppers actually include fruit, but the nutrients are more like vegetable. Peppers does not contain capsaicin like chili peppers, so many people refer to it as sweet chili.

Peppers appear in a variety of colors, that known in red, yellow, and green. But there are still other colors such as orange, Brown, and white. The color difference also indicates the presence of different nutrients, e.g. red peppers contain vitamin A 8x more than green.

But regardless of color, one of the amazing elements of peppers is its very high antioxidant content. With consume one bell pepper able to meet more than 200% of the Nutrition Adequacy Rate for vitamin C, and 75% vitamin A.

In 1 medium-sized paprika (about 119 gram) there are 37 calories, 1 gram of protein, 5 grams of sugar, 7 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of sodium. While for its minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin C (152 mg), vitamin A (3726 IU), vitamin B6 (0.3 mg), vitamin K (5.8 mg), folate (54.7 mg), niacin (1.2 mg), and thiamin (0.1 mg).
And the most astonishing is that the body can more fully absorb the vitamins from the peppers, rather than if you consume the vitamins through the supplement.

The Extraordinary Benefits of Peppers
After getting to know the various nutrients it contains, here are some health benefits that can be obtained from the peppers:

  1. Help Lose weight
    Paprika is one of the secrets to losing weight quickly and healthy. This is because paprika contains only 37 calories so consuming it as food or snack will not affect the weight. So instead of snacking potato chips, try to get a more nutrient-rich piece of peppers.
  2. Reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease
    Just like other healthy foods, peppers can also reduce the risk of developing cancer and heart when consumed routinely. This is because peppers are full of antioxidant carotenoids that can minimize the damage caused by cell oxidation. Therefore, if you want cancer to move away, then the consumption of high-carotene food (especially beta-carotene).

    From the many colors of the existing peppers, red peppers contain the most beta carotene, alpha carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Interestingly, there is 1 way of cooking that can increase the effectiveness of antioxidants in paprika is to steam it.
    A 2008 study conducted in California stated that steamed peppers could increase the capacity of the bile acid binders. This means that bile acids do not need extra work when the body is busy processing food and processing cholesterol, so that the absorption of fat also decreases so that the risk of heart disease can be minimized.

  3. Good for eye health
    The content of lutein and zeaxanthin is necessary for the body to maintain healthy eyes, and green peppers contain more than 0.5 mg of both antioxidants. In the medical world, lutein is often used to treat macular degeneration patients (triggers blindness in the elderly). Lutein works by filtering out potentially damaging UV rays so that eye cells remain protected.
    Experts from Harvard find, only by consuming 6 mg of lutein supplement every day have been able to minimize the risk of these diseases up to 43%. Lutein can also improve the eyesight of cataract sufferers

  4. Immune Boosting
    Vitamin A content is not only important for the eyes, but also against various other harmful diseases such as cancer or fever. In addition, vitamin C in paprika can also strengthen the immune system so that various medical disorders ranging from mild such as fever to severe such as cancer, can be away. Overall, paprika is one of the foods that can be relied on to reduce infections in the body.
  5. Mentally healthy
    The vitamin content in Peppers is also good for maintaining brain and mental health. It's no wonder paprika is then named as one of the best brain foods.

    The content of vitamin B6 in peppers can also increase levels of serotonin and nor epinephrine hormones, both identical to the hormone of happiness. If the level of both is high enough in the body, then the mood, energy and concentration of a person will improve. In addition, vitamin B6 can also reduce the risk of a person exposed to dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

  6. Maintain Skin Health
    The skin is also healthy and shines thanks to the vitamin C content in peppers. Moreover, carotein content in peppers can also stimulate collagen production in the body so that the skin is not easy to sagging or wrinkle. Paprika is also able to prevent the risk of skin cancer.
  7. Healthy for Pregnancy
    Folate content in peppers can also help the health of pregnant women. As we know together, folate is very important during pregnancy because it can prevent disabled babies and maintain the health of the fetus. Not only that, folate also helps the body and fetus organs develop perfectly.

  8. Prevent anemia
    Red peppers are also rich in iron, and its high vitamin C content is able to help the absorption of iron so that the risk of anemia can be avoided.
When buying peppers, it is worth choosing an organic one because it is more assured of harmful pesticides free. If someone is allergic to peppers, then immediately stop the consumption when allergic symptoms arise. Some signs that indicate that you are allergic after eating these vegetables include itching, eczema, respiratory disorders, and also indigestion.