Healthy Breakfast with 5 Fruit Processed That Are Guaranteed Not To Be Bored

Fruit is often relied on as a healthy morning intake and tastes good. A variety of fresh fruit can also be created into various food menus that do not get bored.
Make use of a variety of vitamins and fibers rich fruits into good breakfast dishes such as juices, smoothies and salads. Let's make fresh fruit creations as tummy booster in the morning.
  1. Juice
    Fruit juices can be a simple choice if you don't get a chance to prepare breakfast. Take advantage of the fruit rich in fiber and water and sweet fruit to make the juice made a taste of delicious and appetizing.
    Not only fruit, mix also with vegetables like mustard to be richer in nutrients. As a breakfast menu, try to make fruit juices without throwing away the pulp. The combination of strawberry, melon and orange can be a choice.
  2. Smoothie
    If you want more satiety can breakfast smoothies that are also healthy and rich in fiber. Now smoothies are also a healthy breakfast trend of urban society full of activity.
    For a taste and interesting look, try to make a bowl of smoothie served in a bowl with a variety of fresh fruit toppings. Make use of banana and blueberry to become a base smoothie and give topping slices of kiwi, strawberry to nuts.
  3. Salad
    If in the refrigerator there are many fruit stocks, try to be a fresh salad, healthy and easy to make. To make a fruit salad, simply mix the pieces of fruits and then splash with dressing.
    Do not rely on mayonnaise or sweetened condensed milk; fruit salad will be healthier with low fat yogurt dressing. So it can be more delicious to add a little grated cheese or lemon juice. So yummy!
  4. Pudding
    Breakfast with fruit pudding? Why not. This pudding cannot be made suddenly, meaning that you have to make a lot of pudding to be a stock of food in the refrigerator.
    Try making mango pudding or avocado pudding and print in one-meal packaging. This pudding is also quite healthy because it is rich in fiber and fruit vitamins. But try not to eat pudding with vla high in calories and sugar.
  5. Mixed cereal
    Fruit can also be a mixture of breakfast menu, for example as a complement when eating cereal. Add fresh strawberry or kiwi slices to cereal. This menu is guaranteed to be a glut.
    In addition to cereal, fresh fruit can also be topping pancakes, waffle or other favorite breakfast menu.